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JCP - Event Management
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We have been organizing events around Miami to the satisfaction of our customers for 13 years.

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Customers become friends through professional work

We deliver events to the satisfaction of all involved. We manage about 25 large (more than 1000 people) and about 30 small events per year. Our experience in creating memorable events dates back to 13 years and we never had complaints (see our reviews). Our permanent employees are now 32 people but if necessary we have already organized events with 123 people working for us. We also work with partner companies in case of need. You are always welcome to contact us and discuss your ideas. Just call Tracy Vacarno (844) 123-4321

I deliver the service of
  • Event Management
  • Event Staffing
  • Event Planning

Exceptional Tower

7327 South Miami Avenue

33129, Miami



United States

Wedding of Shikra Shahamri
The wedding, which was limited to a few friends and family members, was carried out in complete discretion and under exclusion of the public.

Sean Calligari - Lecture in Life Management - April, 29th
More than 800 people joined the famous lecture inclusive an excellent catering. Our all-inclusive service offers tailor-made solutions for every event.

Jack in the Box - concert on 27th of February
On Mai, 27th we organized the opening concert of the - Long live the Devil - tour 2018. It was a complete success and for us a step forward into the segment of music events.

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