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Lingerie Womens And Girls Cut And Sewn From Purchased Fabric Except Apparel Contractors



We improve the self-image of women through fashionable lingerie and in-store service

We work globally with partners and start-ups to accelerate our developments

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Mission and Strategy
Our mission is to improve the self-image of women through fashionable lingerie and in-store service: ‘Shaping the bodies
and minds of women’

Luxury lingerie
All the company’s attention is focused on building strong complementary brands (PrimaDonna, Marie Jo, Andres Sarda). This complementarity ensures that we are able to offer women the very best in terms of fit, figure-fixing and fashion in the luxury lingerie segment.

In-store service
In order to achieve this we’ve created the Lingerie Styling concept. Our aim in this international programme is to join forces with certified specialty lingerie shops to provide the best possible service to each and every consumer. To that end, we have developed intensive training modules that not only teach participants how to correctly determine a woman’s size, but also how to create the best customer experience and provide expert advice on cuts, colours and personal styling.

We work closely with 5,000 specialty lingerie stores worldwide, as well as running our own retail chain founded on the principles of Lingerie Styling.

Our markets
We have to be a sufficiently important partner for the specialist retailer on every market we trade on. Our geographical centre of gravity is Europe and North America. We recently added China, Hong Kong and the Middle East to that mix.

We’re looking for partners with new propositions and business models. If you have an idea or you want to discuss an innovation project, please get in touch.

Lageweg 4, 9260 Schellebelle, Belgium

0032 9 365 21 00

I produce
  • Lingerie, women's and girls', cut and sewn from purchased fabric (except apparel contractors)
  • Lingerie for women
I deliver the service of
  • Lingerie stores
  • Lingerie merchant wholesalers

0032 9 365 21 00

Lingerie Styling
"Lingerie shouldn’t just be good, it should fit perfectly.
That is why customised advice is so vital when purchasing lingerie.
The Lingerie Styling label emphasizes the importance of the quality of the lingerie advice.”

Ignace Van Doorselaere, former CEO Van de Velde

Andres Sarda
Since 1962 ANDRES SARDA has been creating luxury lingerie and swimwear in the atmosphere of a cosmopolitan and avant-garde city as is Barcelona. The refined and surprising collection combines its sophisticated taste for manual work with innovation, creating thus its very own identity.

PrimaDonna - Ode to Curves
PrimaDonna’s roots go way back to 1865. For a hundred and fifty years, PrimaDonna has kept the same goal: designing perfect-fitting luxury lingerie for naturally curved women who take a large cup.

PrimaDonna gives women who take a large cup the right support, always fits perfectly and creates an elegant female form – all the way up to a J cup. The result of expertise and especially unremitting passion.

Marie Jo - Created for Living and Loving
Since 1981, Marie Jo has been creating perfect-fit and fashion forward lingerie which honours and empowers women. For more than 35 years, it has been the trusty backbone of many women’s wardrobes, from work to play, from living to loving.