Shiseido manufactures and markets a wide range of skin, sun, makeup and male grooming products through its own-brand , partner and travel retail stores globally.

Our Mission is - Beauty and Innovations for a better World

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About Shiseido

Beauty From The Beginning

For over 145 years, Shiseido has defined the concept of beauty and spread its knowledge and power onto the world. Heralding an army of devoted followers, we feel that by inspiring empathy, beauty can become a positive force in the world, and guide the next generation boldly into the future.
We love to find beauty and share it. We believe that beauty goes deeper than what is visible to the eye-beauty is sensitive to nature, the climate, light and color, all five senses, and the many intricate details of life itself.

We find beauty all over the world; We find beauty through R&D. We find beauty in science and art. We find beauty in the relationships we have, in the products we make and in how we engage with the world.

At Shiseido, beauty is not an image, it is a feeling and when it is shared, we imagine a world that is, quite simply put, better. We appreciate beauty in diversity and throughout all of humankind. We realize there is still unpleasantness to be found, so we see beauty as an antidote, a place to retreat, a feeling worth sharing – we believe beauty is the unifying source.

Shiseido. Sharing beauty since 1872.

I produce
  • Cosmetics
  • Cosmetology - study of cosmetics
  • Make-up (i.e., cosmetics) manufacturing
  • Skin care

Over 25 years of research and development To the most innovative, exclusive from Shiseido and technology ImuGeneration ™ ultimate skin protection. Continuously strengthen the immune system Awaken the power to revive naturally from within.

Essential Energy
Shiseido ReNeura's exclusive technology helps the skin open to the nourishment of other skin care products. Get better With a touch of moisture and radiance from within

Revitalize and revitalize your skin. With natural herbal extracts combined with Shiseido's science of skin care into products that help your skin look younger.

Classic skin care formula Awarded by Japan since production started in 1957. 2440 This lotion is gentle on the skin. Makes skin smooth and glowing naturally. And moisturize your skin

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