Olssen Interior Design

Joanna Olssen, CEO
New York
United States

From Art Deco to modern "Form follows Function". With now 5 specialists and a wide range of experience in different styles we deliver turn key solutions.

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Love your surrounding - Joanna Olssen

I worked as the interior design director for Charles Harrington for 12 years.

I started my own business for to have more flexibility and time to perfect my customers projects.

Olssen Interior Design is not only passionate about interior design, but also about finding the right furniture, carpets, pictures, etc. Our customers get a "turnkey" solution with no problems.

We have been around for 3 years now and have 5 specialists in different design areas. During all this time, there was not one complaint, but many positively astonished customers. Many customers keep coming back for new solutions. Many of them are surprised when they receive different proposals in different styles that are not comparable.

I deliver the service of
  • Interior design consulting services
  • Architectural (except landscape) design services
  • Interior decorating consultant services
  • Interior Designers
  • Interior design services

Trench Building

228 Park Ave South

10003-15, New York

New York

New York

United States



Pipes & Whisky Club
Coziness and elegance combined with a classicist design were the basic requirements here

Private house in East Brunswick
The client wanted fundamentally a clean but rustic style, where he can ad furniture over the years by himself. I created a interior design that had all necessary functions and was comfortable from the beginning.

Entrance of Clevean International Trust
The design gives an impression of a professional environment that represents the international magnitude of the client.

Peoples Network