Jane Satriani

Kindergarten Teacher
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San Diego
California - United States

With a bachelor's degree in early childhood education and 16 years of successful work and experience, I am looking for a job as a private kindergarten teacher

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I am a collaborative, courageous, fun and committed teacher whose passion is the many children I lead, teach and protect every day. As an early childhood leader with years of experience, I try to have a strong, lasting, and positive impact on children.

More about me:

I am 34 years old and provide fun and interactive learning experiences as I ensure that every child is looked after every day by following all standard guidelines. I have always communicated directly with parents and future parents to achieve success for the child.

With a bachelor's degree in early childhood education, I also have experience running a classroom and creating lesson plans.

I also have experience in a licensed childcare facility.

In addition to my additional teacher certification, I am flexible in terms of working hours and work schedule.

Overall, I meet state education and additional center / school requirements that may apply.

Karen Satriani

I work in the field of
  • Kindergarten Teacher

San Diego


United States


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