Peter Clarice

Engineer and bon vivant from Switzerland is looking for someone special.
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New York
United States of America

I just started a new job at an international technology consulting company and moved with my daughter Jenny from Lake Zuerich to New York.

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Better today than tomorrow

I'm 33 years old and I'm really looking forward to discovering New York (after moving from Switzerland). Right now I've found an apartment for my daughter and myself in Long Island City and the first thing I bought after finding school for Jenny was a bike to go to work. I am completely straightforward and am looking for a partner with whom I can conquer my new hometown. Unfortunately I cannot suggest a meeting point. I don't really know my way around New York yet, but I'm open to everything. If someone is interested in an honest relationship, my email address is below.

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Long Island City


New York

United States

Most used by me at the moment: computer and bike

My daughter Jenny at her best
I can't even think about it when she's 16 and I have to chase the boys away.

Impression from Switzerland

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