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Community Rules

About Community Guidelines

We can create an endless list of Community Guidelines for you. Threats of violence - hate speech and discrimination - bullying and harassment - disrupting the experience of other users - identity theft - invasion of privacy - sexually obscene content - groundlessly violent content - misinformation and disinformation (whoever decides what it is) - active malware or exploits ......

If that's not enough we'll find some more.

We looked at some of the other networks and if we would take the guidelines seriously, we'd probably all get expelled several times a day.

What we are doing here does not simplify the situation.

We understand that hostile governments can put 2,000 people in a room just to use social media to influence elections. We have to protect ourselves.

On the other hand expecting us to be all three branches of government in one is a bit much - don't you think?

Legislative (establishment of community guidelines)

Judicial (judging what is right or wrong) and

Executive (delete uploads or accounts)

Please help us here.

We want to go hand in hand with the law of your country. And that's what we should do. So let's just say this:

We love our customers and don't want to delete anything. But we need to include the ability to act when it is really necessary. So here it comes:

We must reserve the right to delete uploads or accounts.

Ultimately, it's a question of mutual trust. And that applies to all social media - including those with endless guidelines.

Just stay decent and we'll try to do the same.

If you really need guidelines, here is a list of suggestions: