High Speed Wireless Charging in Just One Tap

This compact charger will keep you switched on at all times

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The TapNCharge™ is a special charging device that comes with an adapter that attaches to the back of your phone. It’s super thin, so you can fit a case over it, and it instantly turns any phone (Apple, Samsung, Nokia, etc.) into a wireless-charging capable device. Once the adapter is attached, you can wirelessly charge your phone on the super sleek charging pad or car adapter that comes with it, and your phone will charge up in minutes. Avialable at Amazon

Comes with a free adapter
1 cm charging distance
Ultra-thin design
Lightweight and portable
Easy to use

I produce
  • Wireless Charger for Mobile Phones

This innovative charger makes use of ultra-thin design technology. At less than 1 cm it is lightweight and portable and fits into larger pockets or into your bag when you’re on the move. This modern-looking 100% wireless charger will have pride of place on your nightstand or desk and be the envy of all your friends.

No.1 Popular Choice
Compatible with iOS & Android
Instant Power Boost in Seconds
Super-Sleek Lightweight Design
Convenient and Easy-To-Use
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Fastest Wireless Charger in the Market
100% Wireless Charging
Charges Through Cases
Advanced Overheating Protection
Helps You Live a Clutter Free Life

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